Ask The Prep Gal


Hi Prepsters;

I've decided to continue the "Ask The Prep Gal" series because of how popular it has become. I'm getting a lot more questions, and when I did the Instagram stories last week, many of you had said that you enjoyed it. If you would like to ask a question, make sure you send an email to or an Instagram DM to @theprepgal.

1. What camera do you use for your instagram photos, and do you use facetune to edit them or do you photoshop the pictures at all? (Ehsan P.)

Hi Ehsan,

For my blog I've been using the Cannon EOS Rebel T6si camera. It is very user friendly, and the quality of the pictures have been amazing.

I do edit my photos, however, the only time I use Facetune is when I need to remove something in the background of the shot (any garbage, stains on concrete, etc.), or to change small things like brightening parts of the photo. I also use VSCO to create constancy by adding colour filterations to the picture.

 I do not edit my face, skin, or body, because I think it defeats the purpose of why I have a body positive blog. I never want to deceive my followers, or readers, and therefore I will not use photo editing to change my appearance. 

2. Hi there. I've noticed that you only do plus size clothing picks every week. Will you ever do regular clothing size weekly picks? (Olivia L)

Hi Olivia,

I will only choose clothes for my weekly picks by brands that are size inclusive, or strictly plus size. My blog has always focused on the plus sized community, and I would not be able to recommend an item of clothing unless I could fit into myself. 

3. Who is someone who you look up to in the fashion industry, have you ever met anyone famous?  (Emily U)

Hi Emily,

As strange as this sounds, I look up to my brother in this industry (The Prep Guy). He had to create acceptance for the plus size 

4. I've noticed that you use a lot of Tarte(Cosmetic) products in your makeup posts. What did you think when they released their new shape tape foundation? Will you ever consider boycotting their products? (Jillian R)

Hi Jillian,

I always thought Tarte was a progressive and upcoming brand so I had purchased a lot of makeup to support them. I was completely heartbroken by their idea of releasing such a incomplete collection of colours for their Shape Tape Foundation initially. If they didn't have all the colours ready for their product, it should not have been released! 

I was also disappointed by the way the situation was handled, by trying to silence the voice of the people who had taken issue to this. 

I will not be purchasing any Tarte products until they make amends, so yes, you could consider this a boycott. 

5. Hi Prep Gal, what is one piece of clothing you think everyone should own? (Sasha T)

Hi Sasha,

So I think every woman needs a great pair of jeans that are either skinny, or straight (there needs to be some tapering). I feel like they look great with almost every shoe, and give your body shape. 



Sara Sohail