Bioderma: Review

Hi Prepsters,

I recently got my hands on some Bioderma products, and wanted to share how they worked for me. As some of you may know (because of prior posts), I have very sensitive, dry, and hyper pigmented skin. Due to these conditions, I have to really be aware of everything in the products that I try, and I avoid heavily scented, and alcohol filled skincare items.

One of the reasons I was excited to try Bioderma was because of its focus as a company on the science of skincare, however, it is on the higher end of drugstore skincare, so read on to see how it faired. 

2018-04-06 03.57.55 2.jpg

The main reason I tried Bioderma was because I had heard so much about the Makeup Removing Micelle-Solution. The 500mL bottle retails for $20 CAD, and you do get quite a bit of product with it. When I tried this I was a little bit skeptical but this lived up to its hype; with one swipe I was able to remove the toughest makeup (including the Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner). The formulation was very gentle, it didn't irritate my skin, and my eyes did not burn when I removed any makeup. (5/5)

2018-04-06 03.46.32 3.jpg

I also tested out the Hydrabio Gel-Cream Moisturizer by Bioderma. It retails for $30 CAD and also doubles as a foundation base. When I first tried this out, I loved how quickly the product absorbed into my skin. It is a fabulous formulation that is light, and makes it feel like nothing is on top of your skin. I also liked that there was a pump attached to the tube which made it easy to apply. I found it to be the perfect amount of moisture, even though I have very dry skin, and Its another product you need to try by Bioderma! (4/5)

2018-04-06 03.46.33 2.jpg

The makeup wipes on the other hand were just an okay product. Retailing at $17 CAD I expected a lot more from these. I found them to be dry, and not very effective at removing waterproof makeup, especially mascara. Most of the time I had to pour the miceller, water onto the wipe to moisten it, and for the price it definitely not worth it especially since you only get 25 wipes! (2/5)

2018-04-06 03.46.32 4.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, I will also be giving away an entire set of these products, so stay tuned on my instagram page for more information.