Where To Buy Plus Size Strapless Bras in Canada


Hi Prepsters,

Finding proper fitting bras can be a struggle for most women, in-fact 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong size (click here for an easy way to size yourself) ! What makes things even more difficult for plus size women is the lack of options for certain types of bras, specifically strapless! After going to these actual retailers and trying out each and every bra, I have created a list of the places that offer Plus Size Strapless Bras in Canada!


Addition Elle  - The Femme Convertible Bra $55 CAD

I’ve owned this particular bra for years, and use it whenever I wear off the shoulder tops, or any top that I would prefer the strap didn’t show. This bra also comes with straps, clear straps, and has gel piping inside the cup to hold your bra up.

Torrid -  Nude Microfibre and Lace Pushup Strapless Bra $54.90 CAD

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.00.52 AM.png

This bra is by far one of the most comfortable strapless options out there. The band is nice and wide allowing for great support for your breasts. Your girls will look great because this strapless bra is also a pushup.


 Penningtons - Strapless Multifunction Bra: Ti Vogli $50 CAD


With a basic design, and smooth cups, this strapless bra is a staple in every girls closet. The simplicity of this bra is great for everyday wear, and looks great under the thinest of materials.

Bare Necessities - Goddess Adelaide Strapless Bra $70.87 CAD


The Goddess Bra is gorgeous and has a satin and lace design, making it great for lingerie as well. The side, and under-wiring give this bra great support while still allowing you to be comfortable. The sweetheart shape also gives the most coverage for your breasts compared to the other options.

Tips for Strapless Bra Shopping

  1. You want your strapless bra to be snug when your purchase it. The bands of all these bras do give out after half an hour of wear, and if the band is too loose you will also lose the support you require. Therefore the best thing you can do is go down a band size, but up in the cup size.

  2. After a day of wear, wash the bras by hand to allow the elastic to shrink back into shape. Extended bra wear ruins the elasticity of your bra’s band!

  3. To stop bra sweat, poor a little bit of baby powdering the cup. The cornstarch helps absorb some of the dampness, which makes the bras comfortable to wear.