Serengeti Sunglasses

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As a girl that struggles to find a pair of sunglasses that both look good on me, and that don’t irritate my eyes, I was pleasantly caught off guard with how much I loved both my Serengeti sunglasses.  I also admire how much innovation and technology has gone into engineering lenses that in the most literal sense have changed how I view the world. 

The two sunglasses I own are the Valentina's and Small Carrara's.

The Valentina’s are the ultimate glamorous pair of sunglasses. They have a cat eye shape that I adore, and the arms of the glasses have this feminine curvy design. (And we all know I like curves)


The Valentina’s are lightweight and have galvanized metal detail on the arms, which give them a beautiful jewelry-like finish.

For my outfit I wore something that would play on the retro, and feminine feel of the Valentina glasses.


The Carrara sunglasses are my everyday go to pair! I like how these aviators are a classic, universally flattering shape. These sunglasses have adjustable nose pads to make them extremely comfortable and the blue reflective lenses of the Carrara’s add a little bit of spunk and fun to your outfit, while also being extremely versatile.


For my ensemble I decided to keep a nice light summer vibe that also had colours that were complementary to the blue lenses.


One of the many reasons Serengeti sunglasses have become my favorite is that they have a lot of great features; the lenses enhance contrast and sharpness by decreasing blue light, and visible noise.  The glasses maintain a natural colour balance by selectively managing light wavelengths, and the polarizing technology in the lenses reduces the glare in your vision allowing for perfect view every time you wear them



You can find more information about these and the full range of sunglasses on Serengeti's Website.