The Perfect Tights for Plus Sized Women! SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery with LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology



Hi Prepsters,


Tights are an essential item for most women’s wardrobes, but as a plus sized woman, it was extremely difficult for me to find hosiery that fit my curves, and at the same time remained comfortable, and offered a variety of colours, until I recently discovered the SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery with LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology. I’ve been a fan of the LYCRA® brand for many years, It is the branded elastane/spandex fibre found in various items of clothing. Everything that I’ve owned that contained LYCRA® fiber has always fit better and been more durable, whether it has been tights, socks, jeans, or swimwear. 



SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery with LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology has been designed with my curvy girls in mind. The hosiery is super stretchy; it doesn’t dig in at the waist or thighs, and it has a lightweight panty area that allows you to feel less constrained and more relaxed. The stretch in the material allows you to pull on the tights easily and to effortlessly move about without feeling restrained. I even ended up leaving the tights on when I got home, and curled up on the couch to watch TV wearing them. (That’s how soft and cozy they are!)



I decided to put the tights to the ultimate test by wearing them for a busy ten-hour day which involved running around to meetings as well as doing a few chores. I paired the tights with a black pencil skirt, a houndstooth sweater, and a black wool coat over my shoulders, for a monochromatic look. I love pairing tights with matching pointed-toe shoes for two reasons. The first is that tights and heels elongate your leg; it’s like wearing thigh high boots, but 100% more comfy. The second reason is that when I wear tights with heels, my feet hurt a lot less, making it extremely practical for long days.

During Canadian winter days, I like to wear pantyhose underneath my pants or jeans to keep me warm because they don’t add bulk. SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery with LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE are perfect for that because you can barely tell that they’re on.

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I was so surprised at how soft and stretchy the material was, and how it conformed to my body.

My favourite thing about SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery is that my thighs didn’t chafe because the tights stayed up, making them perfect for long days at work, running errands, or even going on a date. I also really like the single layer waistband because it didn’t give me a muffin-top.


Also, because I’m relatively tall, I find that figuring out sizing can be extremely difficult for me when it comes to hosiery. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate, and simple it was for me to know if the size would work by looking at the chart on the back. I’ve included the chart here, in case you wanted to shop the SECRET® collection online  or by visiting your favorite Canadian retailer. (I wore a size 2+) For more information on the SECRET® collection, visit


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you do try out the SECRET® FREEDOMPLUS™ hosiery with LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology, make sure you send me a picture showing me how you styled them.


This post is sponsored by LYCRA® brand. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.