How to figure out your bra size! (Specifically for Plus Size Women)


Hi Prepsters,

I thought I would make an easy guide to help you determine your bra size. Wearing the right size bra can change how your body looks; clothes will fit better, and you can see your actual body shape once your girls have been lifted.  The only thing required to determine your size is a measuring tape, and if you don’t have one of those, you can download one off the internet and print it.


Measuring the Band

Take the measuring tape, and place it directly underneath your bust. The band should be level, and you want it to be tight. Round to the nearest number. If you are in between a band size (any uneven number) consider how tight you prefer your bra to be.


Measuring the Cup

Take the measuring tape and place it along the fullest part of your chest (general tends to be around your nipple). The difference for every inch between the measurement of the band to the bust is an extra cup size. For example, if your band is 38 inches and your bust measurement came to 42, your bra size will be 38D.

A few things plus size girls need to keep in mind is if you have a back that gets wider, or if you have back fat, the cup sizing will be off, so go to any of the plus-sized bra retailers mentioned at the bottom of this post to get measured.


Difference in Inches between Band and Bust

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.00.47 PM.png


Wearing the Bra

1. Tighten/Loosen the bra straps.

2. Lean forward to ensure all of the breast tissue is in the cup

3. The hook should clasp in the middle. 

4.There should only be enough room to fit one finger underneath the band.


Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Size

You are having spillage from your cup (cup is too small)

The bra is riding up, or moving down (band is too loose)

You have bruises on your rib cage the next day (band is too tight)

You can fit your phone in your cup (cup is too big)


Care Tips

The same bra shouldn’t be worn for more than 24 hours. Changing between bras allows for the elastic in the band to contract back to its original size, therefore not loosening it up.

Cold wash your bras, and never put your bra in the dryer. (You have been warned)




Best Places to Find Plus Size Bras

Elomii (The green one pictured at the top is from Elomii, and is called the "Anushka")

Addition Elle


Change (Has European sizing, so you might have to get measured there)

Lane Bryant