The Fashion industry is starting to change, and one of the best changes that have come about is the amount of stores that cater to only plus size, or have expanded their lines to include plus size clothing in it. These are my top options for my curvy fashionistas out there.

Also, yes, I am aware 6 is a strange number to choose when creating a top list, however, I honestly couldn’t choose just five.


This Canadian retailer has been around since 1980, and caters to girls from size 12-26. They offer a large variety of item ranging from casual, career, sports sleep, and intimate wear. One of the reasons I adore them is because they are often inspired by runway looks, and offer them to girls of every size.

Recently they have done collaborations with designer Rachel Roy, and fashion bloggers, Nadia Aboulhosn, and Nicolette Mason.

Addition Elle also carries a wide assortment of bras, including the supermodel Ashley Graham’s collection, with sizes ranging from 36 C all the way up to 46 DDD (they also have G & H cup bras in select styles).


The US plus size chain has recently expanded into Canada with the first location being opened in downtown Toronto, and now in Mississauga as well. Torrid offers sizes from 10-30 in almost all of their items, which is hard to find even in most plus size stores.

They did their first fashion collaboration with comedic actress Rebel Wilson in 2015, and have just launched her new 2017 collection as well.

The reason I love Torrid is because they offer quirky, and fun clothes, which are extremely difficult to find in a lot of plus size retailers. They have done collections dedicated to the Star Wars franchise, as well as Harry Potter, and Disney inspired ones.


Reitman’s, which is a sister brand of Addition Elle, is also a Canadian retailer. They have recently changed the way they sell their clothes by taking away their plus size section, and instead, offering all of their clothes from a size XXS to 3XL.

Suits actress, and current girlfriend of Prince Harry, Megan Markle, is doing her second capsule collection with the brand.

The reason I love Reitmans is partially because of their new sizing, which lets me buy anything I want in my size, and partially because they have really reinvented their style. I find that they offer more timeless pieces that will last many years, at very reasonable prices. I also swear by Reitman’s jeans, if you haven’t tried them, you absolutely need to.


H&M is a fast fashion store offering great quality, at very low prices. They have recently started shipping to Canada, and have a limited, but very well rounded plus size section, which offers sizes from a 14-24 in most of their items.

The reason I love H&M Plus, even though they have only two stores that offer plus sizes within them (apart from online), is because they have extremely affordable, and fabulous items. Some of my most complimented pieces have been from H&M, and I find that they really do last a long time.


Is a US retail store, which began in 1904, and now has over 810 stores, in over 46 US states. Even though Lane Bryant does not have any Canadian stores yet, they do offers shipping options on all Canadian orders. They carry a size range from 14-28 in both Casual and Business attire. They also carry swimwear, active wear, and shoes.

Lane Braynt has done collections with designer Isabel Toredo, and artist Rubin Toledo, and more recently, with Christian Siriano (who I adore), Mellisa McCarthy, and French fashion designer, Sophie Theallet.

The reason I love Lane Bryant is because they have been an innovative brand that has really pushed to bring equality, and acceptance, of plus size fashion. They also helped launch supermodel Ashley Graham into mega stardom with some of their risqué advertisements that had caused a lot of controversy when they were censored from prime time television.

Lane Bryant’s extremely large, and versatile collections provide to the needs of both young, and older women, and I always know I can find something that I will love.

6. FOREVER 21+

Rounding off the list is my absolute go-to store Forever 21+. They are the leaders of fast fashion, and have great pieces that are in style for extremely affordable prices.

Their plus section offers sizes from 14-20 in many of their pieces, which is quite limited in my eyes, however, many of their tops to go up to a 3X(which can be a size 22).

The reason I love forever 21+ is because they have created a niche within a niche market, of plus size fashion for specifically younger women. The clothing you can find fits a variety of different styles, and they also have great essential pieces. (Tank tops for $4.90 CAD... No, I’m not joking).