My First Blog Post!

Hello there!

My name is Sara Sohail, and I would like to thank you for reading my first blog post.

In this post I want you to get an idea of not only my fashion, but also who I am as a person.

I grew up as a middle child with two brothers, and because of that I was as quirky tomboy till grade 12 (I swore by hoodies and yoga pants). My first fashion epiphany came to me when I travelled to London, England, one of the fashion capitals of the world. The way everyone reflected their personalities through clothes and fashion was an intriguing concept to me, and I often caught myself admiring the wide range of styles that people of all different races, ethnicities, and sizes wore. After I came back, I tossed away my "mom" jeans, and grabbed my first pair of distressed boyfriends, and haven’t looked back since.  

The reason I started blogging is because I want to show plus size women that they can take fashion risks, be confident, love themselves, wear current trends, and show self-love.

Some things you need about me are that I am unapologetically passive, and will do anything to avoid a confrontation.  

My interests include photography, reading, travelling.

I have done numerous shoots for Toronto bloggers, as well as my brother @Theprepguy.

I have travelled to over 21 countries, and my upcoming travel plans include Greece, Dubai, and Italy.

My fashion inspirations

Mindy Kaling, along with her Mindy Project character, Mindy Lahiri, embodies fashion fearlessness; she often pairs bold prints, colours, and statement pieces paired with other loud items of clothing. I often find myself on “The Mindy Project Style”, which is a fashion blog site solely dedicated to her outfits on the show, and where to find them.

Olivia Palermo has become arguably one of the biggest fashion icons of my generation. I love how she is doesn’t feel obligated to commit to one style, and that she can go from a minimalistic to a very haute couture outfit all within the same day. The other reason Olivia is my fashion inspiration is because she pulls runway trends into everyday wear with such ease.

Ashley Graham, who is the first and only plus size model featured on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated’s coveted Swimsuit Edition. I love both her confidence and personality; the way she speaks and presents body positivity has made her someone I look up to, along with millions of women worldwide.

So this was just a short intro about myself, and I’m glad you have joined me on my new blogging adventures.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, leave a message at the bottom of this post.