Ask the Prep Gal Friday



Ask the Prep Gal Fridays

Hi Prepsters,

I’ve decided to cave in, and answer some of your questions that have been either sent by DM on instagram or by email.  I love hearing from you guys, and appreciate both feedback or any questions you may have. If you would like to ask me anything, send me an email to or an instagram DM to @theprepgal!


Q1. Happy New Year!! Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2018? Jesse K

Hi Jesse, 

Happy New Year to you as well!

I like many others, have made a few resolutions this year. I think my main focus is to think more positively, and focus more on myself. Apart from that, I want to get more organized! I recently donated all the clothes that I hadn't worn in a year, because I feel that the best way to get organized is by decluttering your space first.


Q2. Hiya Sara, I wanted to know how you set up your blog site, and if you had any tips for New Bloggers. Maria S

Hi Maria,

My website was completely done by my brother, The Prep Guy, but we both use Square Space to post our blogs. I've found it to be user friendly, and relatively straightforward (Im not computer savvy at all). For blogging tips, the first is to understand your message, and what you want to focus your blog on, and then just start. I find that starting is the hardest part, and working on it continuously is something that even Im learning to work on.


Q3. DO you eventually want to go into modeling? Kal R

Hi Kal,

I don’t want to go into modeling. I model clothes just for my blog, and I have no intention of doing it for any brand as of yet because I don't have time. Also, I am extremely awkward in front of the camera, and a much better photographer than model. 


Q4. What perfume are you currently wearing? Cindy N

Hi Cindy,

I am currently obsessed with this perfume by L'Occitane perfume called TERRE DE LUMIÈRE. It has a sort of warm floral note, that eventually smells like vanilla on. Its my most complimented perfume, and it reminds me of the summer. 


Q5. What size do you wear? Christopher O

Hi Chris,

I feel like I get asked this question a lot, so Ive actually started listing what size I wear for each article of clothing that Ive bought. This is because my size varies depending on what brand Im wearing, and what the item os made of. Generally speaking, Im a size 16.