Bite Beauty: Agave Lip Mask Review


Hi Prepsters,

I recently received the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask set, and thought I would review it for you. Bite Beauty is a Canadian company, and all the products created by them are manufactured in Canada as well. 


I've actually tried the Agave Lip Scrub, the Agave Lip Mask (in Natural) and the Agave Lip Balm that came with this set a couple of months prior to this, but I will still give a very comprehensive review.


The Agave Lip Masks ($30 CAD) are by far the most beloved Bite Beauty product. They're now available in five different types. It's one of those products that you use, and you understand the hype behind it because of how phenomenal it is. I originally started using the "Natural" one at night before sleeping, but after realizing how hydrating it was, I began to use it most days too. The consistency is thick, but the product melts from the heat of your lips into a gloss. 

The Natural - Vanilla/ Agave scented. It is clear and glossy on your lips.

Champagne - Is supposed to be a slight pink tint, however it doesn't show on my skin tone. The lip mask is super shimmery with gold and pink glitter, and is really pretty on. 

Smashed - Is a sheer red gloss on. Very pretty, and does show up as a blush pink shade on my skin tone. 

Maple - Sheer, with a slight taupe tint. Has a delicious maple scent and flavour, and is my personal favourite out of the set. 

Lavender - Clear gloss on. It is heavily lavender scented, and is great for helping you fall asleep. 


The Agave Lip Scrub ($20 CAD) is a pretty good product. The texture is similar to that of honey with sugar granules in it, however, I wish it was thicker because it is extremely messy to use. Most of the time I use it hovering over my washroom sink, and then have to wash my entire face after because the product ends up all over my chin. The smell is pleasant, and extremely sweet and it does exfoliate your lips very well. I use this product twice a week, and have noticed how soft it made my lips.


The Agave Lip Balm ($20 CAD) is a heaven send for those who have extremely dry lips. The product is thick, and very hydrating to even the driest lips. I loved that it wasn't heavily scented, and that I didn't need to keep reapplying the lipbalm because it really lasts (as long as you're not eating or drinking). This product also sits well underneath matte lipsticks, and highly recommend trying this one out.

All Bite beauty are available for sale at Sephora. This post is not sponsored in any way, all views expressed are my own.