Online Dating For Plus Size Women

With all the different services to choose from, and the swiping, the online dating world is a difficult one to navigate through. After extensive researching, I’m here to make sure you get the best experience one can have in finding her prince charming.

1. Choosing the right site

With thousands of different websites, and apps to choose from, selecting the right forum to find the love of your life is crucial.

The most important thing you can do before signing up is to ensure that you choose the best site for what you are looking for whether it is a hookup, or a long-term relationship.

Apps like Tinder, even though they may be popular, are superficially based sites. You have about three seconds to wow someone with a picture and a few sentences (see point 3). The likelihood of finding a connection based on anything apart from looks is much more difficult. I would recommend trying apps that match you to someone based on personality, or questionnaires like OkCupid.


2.  Choose a good, but honest picture(s) of yourself

Cat fishing is a real problem on almost all of these dating sites. As tempting as it is to choose the picture that makes you look ten to thirty pounds lighter, and six to seven years younger, it is extremely deceitful to the other person. Try to include at least one clear face picture, and one (non-face tuned) body shot. Show off your curves ;)



3. The Bio Line

This line is one of the most important things you will need to master. It is the line that will determine if someone clicks to read the rest of your profile, or swipes left.

Think of a line that really captures your essence as a person. This may be more difficult to do than expected, but one of the best ways you can do that is by asking your friends to sum you up in three words. Then use those three things in a funny, or clever way to get the attention of whoever may be looking.



4. Read the profiles before swiping

I find it very telling about how serious someone is about looking by reading their profiles. If a guy has put in a genuine thought process it will show. I also find it is easier to have a great flow in conversation when I can reference things mentioned in their profile.

Apart from that, you’re on a site to get to hopefully get to know someone.


5. Be safe

This point I cant stress enough. Make sure you guys meet in a public place, and let a friend know where you will be just incase the date doesn’t go well. I have a codeword with my friends; if I ever text them that word, they call right away with an alibi for me to escape with. ( the excuses tend to be dramatic and elaborate; I have an madeup step sister that has contracted Ecoli about seven times) Do not be afraid to leave a date if you don't want to be there, and remember that you owe nothing to the other person.