How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

Hi Prepsters,

As you may know, I have been in the pursuit for long healthy hair for the past two years. I had damaged it by heat-styling it everyday, then bleaching it, and eventually dyeing it black. After that my hair was brittle, thin, and felt extremely dry.

I recently ran into a friend who used to have similar hair to me, except when I met her last, her hair had grown from a buzzed cut to a short bob within a matter of eight weeks. She had told me that she  started using hair masks and leaving them in over night. So I started following her hair routine and was surprised to find how quickly my hair started to grow too. 

Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME Beautifying Oil-Enriched Masque 200ml-500x500.jpg

I ordered the Kerastase Masque Elixir Ultime online, which is the same mask my friend used. I would apply a generous dollop in my hair, and massage it into my scalp (lightly exfoliating the scalp with the tips of my finger nails), working my way down to the ends. I would then use an old tshirt/towel, wrap my hair into it (so I didn't ruin my bed sheets), and leave it overnight. In the morning I would shampoo my hair using The Maui Moisture- Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner to wash out the mask. I did this routine three times a week .


Since October of 2017, I have cut my hair twice (to get rid of the dead hair at the bottom), each time trimming approximately two and half inches. My hair is currently an inch longer than when I had originally started, meaning my totally hair growth has been six inches in fourth months! (On average, hair grows a quarter of an inch a month)

Apart from the length, my hair is healthier, and has a natural shine to it as well. I have also made a conscious effort to try and heat-style my hair as little as possible, and trim split ends as soon as I notice them. The Kerestase hair mask is a little bit pricey ($58 CAD), however, really does work, and I highly recommend trying it out.