Love Island Australia is on hayu Canada

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hayu Canada - Sara Sohail

I’m so excited to share that Love Island Australia is exclusively available for streaming on hayu Canada right now, and as someone who loves reality television, I could not be more thrilled. I instantly became a fan of the UK Love Island series when it first came out on hayu Canada, and ended up binge watching season three over two weeks (yes, all 51 episodes). Over the past few months I stumbled upon some clips from Love Island Australia and knew I had to watch the series.

love island australia

Love Island Australia involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in a beautiful villa in Mallorca, Spain, under video surveillance and isolation from the rest of the world. To survive in the villa the Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship or money, as the overall winning couple receives $50,000.

On the first day, the Islanders couple up for the first time based on first impressions, but over the duration of the series, they are forced to "re-couple" where they can choose to remain in their current couple or swap and change. Any Islander who remains single after the coupling is eliminated and dumped from the island. Often a twist occurs where the Islanders are made to vote off one of their own from the island. During the final week, the public vote for which couple they want to win the series and therefore take home $50,000.

The Australian spinoff offers more love, fights, and drama than its British counterpart, and is a must watch for all reality tv lovers. To get one month of free streaming on hayu Canada, click the link below to get access to 200+ shows.