Hayu Love Island

Hi Prepsters


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know how deeply I love a show called Love Island. A few months back I stumbled upon a clip from Love Island Season 4 that had a recap of the most talked about moments from the week and I knew I needed the show in my life. Luckily for you guys you can now stream Love Island on hayu Canada! Make sure you click here to get your free month of streaming.


Love Island is a show about young girls and guys trying to find love, and a chance to win €50k all while being under 24/7 video surveillance. Initially when the Islanders (another name for the contestants) come to the mega Villa, they are coupled off based on first impressions. Over the duration of the series they are forced to "re-couple" where they can choose to remain in their current couple or swap for someone else. If any Islander is not coupled up (thanks to the introduction of more ridiculously attractive people) they are eliminated from the show. Love Island also has a lot of twists and turns that keep you guessing about the outcome of the couplings.


The show has a very interactive format for its UK viewers. If you have the Love Island app, you can vote for your favourite couple, and the couple with the least amount of votes can also be kicked off the Island. Apart from that, questions asked via twitter are sometimes asked directly to the Islanders during challenges and games!


For me, Love Island has become a guilty pleasure. With it available so easily on hayu Canada, I can binge watch the entire season at home or download to watch at school or at a coffee shop. Every season of Love Island I watch, I find myself emotionally investing in a couple and feeling as if I’m a part of their relationship! My favourite couple to date has been Amber and Kem from Season 4 because they had one of the most dysfunctional and fiery relationships I have ever seen, but you could tell that they genuinely loved each other.


If you haven’t seen the show you I highly recommend checking it out on hayu Canada, it’s sure to leave you “Buzzin”!

The post has been sponsored by hayu Canada. All views expressed are strictly my own!