Review: Google Home Max



Hi Prepsters,

If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen that over the past month my family and I have been using the Google Home Max, which is essentially a smart speaker that connects to your Google assistant. The Google Home Max, which was recently launched in Canada,  retails for $499 CAD and is available at the Google Store, and Best Buy Canada for sale.


For someone who is not a "techy", setting up any new device can be a huge struggle. Luckily the Google Home Max setup was simple and came with instructions to help guide me. (Overall the process, including connecting to my wifi, downloading the Google Home App, and setting up my voice-regonition took only 15 minutes)


The audio quality is far superior to any speaker I have ever heard, and the system adjusts the audio according to the ambient sound surrounding in the room giving you the best, high-quality audio at all times. The Google Max is very sleek, and comes in two different colours; Chalk (which is the one I have) and Charcoal. The device also has touch volume controls at the top, but you can always just ask Google to increase/decrease your audio with a command too.


My family and I have been using the Google Max everyday. I love how customizable the device is, for example, I have chosen what media sources to get the news from, what apps to play music off of,  and I've changed the location to give me weather updates that are more local to me.

Apart from its practical uses, Google Max is a lot of fun to play with! My family and I compete against each other playing Lucky Trivia, we ask Google to tell us jokes, and sometimes when I need a recipe, I just ask Google to give me the best one. 

The Google Max is a user-friendly, and overall great device for every home. If you would like more information about it, make sure you click here