Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

With such wild and hectic weeks going on, you may have forgotten about Father's Day this upcoming Sunday. 

For you last minute shoppers or procrastinators, here are a few tips to get the best gift ever; 

1. Get something personal

I decided to get my dad the Chrome Azzaro perfume because my dad loves perfume sets, and very few people know that about him. The perfume has notes of Rosemary, and Pineapple, however, is still very masculine,  It's something that he'll get to enjoy over the next few years, and think of you whenever he does use it.


2 Get something necessary

My dad has trouble buying shoes, and it has everything to do with the fact that he is extremely picky. He tends to buy similar looking loafers and wears the same pair until they wear out, so I bought a pair of Sperry Sahara Boat Shoes from DSW Canada because I know they are something he would approve of. They are easy to get on and off, are great quality, and have a comfortable inner lining. 


3. Something he would normally not think of buying for himself

My dad and I both have really dry skin, I always use a moisturizer, and I recently found out that my dad doesn't because he thinks it is too much work. So i decided to get him the All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel by Lab Series. It is a one step solution for any low maintenance father out there, and is a great product overall.


4. Spend time with your dad

I think one of the biggest things we forget to do as we get older is spend time with our parents. For father's day I like to go either bake something with my dad, or go shopping, because those are his two favourite things to do. Plus it gives us a chance to catch up, and talk, which I know is something that we both appreciate.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!