The Secret to Perfect Skin!

Hi Prepsters,

So today I’ll be doing a review of the YsthéAl Intense Concentrate by Avène , and letting you know about one of my favourite products that I’ve been using formany years called the Eau Thermale also by the same brand.


The YSthéAl Intense is a new product that hit the market in February, and retails for $55.00. The value of this product is phenomenal because you only use this product two to three times a year, and you notice a big difference when you do use it, as the contents of this are so concentrated.  

Some of the active ingredients for the YsthéAl are:

  • Retinaldehyde- which smoothes wrinkles by slowing down the degradation of Collagen and Elastin; gives dull skin a radiant glow, and reduces age spots. 


  • Pretocopheryl which protects the skin’s Vitamin A supply, and is more effective than Vitamin E as it isn’t doesn’t react with sunlight.


  • Glycylglycine Oleamide- Increases the effectiveness of Retinaldehyde by 300% in protecting and increasing the skins elasticity

The product comes in a tube with a pump, which makes it easy to use, and you apply it all over you face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing your skin. (Keep in mind that you don’t need to add moisturizer, or any other products on top of this, as it is not a serum)

I liked that the YsthéAl was not scented, and didn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin. (I did test the product on my wrist twenty-four hours before I applied it all over my face)

The next morning I woke up, I noticed that my skin did have a nice glow, and felt very soft! 

The Eau Thermale is one of my favourite products; I usually keep a bottle in my purse, and have used it mainly for reducing redness in my face. I also use it for setting my foundation, reducing irritation after I get waxed, and I spray it all over my face after I remove my makeup. It’s a great product for anyone with hypersensitive skin since the thermal spring water is bacteriologically pure.

Both of these products get my stamp of approval and are available online or at your local drugstore