Ask The Prep Gal Fridays

Hi Prepsters,

Last week I started this section thinking that many of you would be interested in finding out weird pieces of information about me, I definitely did not anticipate how popular this part of my blog was going to get. Over the past week I have gotten dozens of questions through my instagram (@theprepgal), and through my emails. If you would like to write to me, please send me a DM, or email me at and I will do my best to answer it!


Q1: What is your background, ? (Asim Q)

 A1: Hi Asim,

My background is Pakistani. I was born there, but I moved to Australia when I was pretty young. Then in 2005, my family moved to Canada. 


Q2: Hi Sara. I love looking at your photographs, where do you take them? Where do you live? (Anne P)

A2: Hi Anne,

I'm glad you enjoy looking at my pictures. I normally take them in Oakville, which is where I live. However, I have taken a lot of them in downtown Toronto as well. If there is a specific location you would like me to tell you about, let me know.


Q3: I love seeing someone like you represent plus size women because I have never seen anyone with the same body type as me. I love every outfit you have posted, and I wish you would do more fashion posts. I think you're one of my biggest fashion inspirations. Who is your fashion inspirations? (Judith S.)

A3: Hi Judith,

Thank you so much for your sweet message. I have a lot of different fashion inspirations. I definitely look at other plus size bloggers, and am always inspired by the creativity and emotions people put into their looks. I also look at new runway collections, and see what trends are coming in, and those are other things that inspire my looks. I will also do my best to upload more fashion content. 


Q4: Who are your favourite plus size bloggers? (Emily A)

A4: Hi Emily,

I have so many favourites! I've always been a big fan of Nicolette Mason, especially after she released a collection with Addition Elle. Gabi Gregg (@gabifresh) is someone I've been following for many years, and I truly believe she's a pioneer for plus size women on Instagram. Tanesha Awasthi (@girlwithcurves) has inspired many of my looks, and I have always loved her style. Amanda Monty (@amandamonty), Assa (@mycurvesandcurles) are both local bloggers that I adore, and they generally wear a lot of Canadian branded clothes too.


Q5: Whats the worst thing anyone has said to you on any social media platform? (Lily-Anne T)

A5: Hi Lily-Anne,

When you decide to put yourself on social media for the public to see, you're bound to get some awful comments. I think the worst I have gotten has been from a personal trainer who continually used to badger me through my instagram direct messages after becoming friends with me to buy training off of her. When I had politely refused, she decided to send me a message calling me fat and ugly. She told me that I would have more followers if I lost weight, which is a strange correlation to make. I think it was especially bad because of the friendship front that she had originally put up. So ....yeah, that was pretty crummy. Apart from that, most of the messages and comments I get are uplifting and inspiring. You guys are the reason that I blog, and I am so glad to be apart of your day!