Ask The Prep Gal Fridays

Hi Prepsters,

So I love hearing from you guys, and I've noticed a lot of you have emailed me asking me questions ranging from fashion, to makeup, relationships, skincare, and overall blogging. So I've decided that every Friday I will try to answer your questions (depending on how many I get, I will choose a few). If you would like to ask me anything, feel free to DM me on instagram, or send me an email at


Q1: You've said that you have sensitive skin. What is your favourite skincare product that you use, do you have any tips for sensitive skincare? (Hiba R)

A: Hi Hiba,

I do have very sensitive skin, especially on my cheeks, and underneath my eyes. It is very prone to irritation and breakouts, so I have to be very careful when I try new products. I start by reading what the product contains; If it has any sort of lavender, or is heavily scented, I tend to avoid it. My current favourite moisturizer for everyday wear is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Q2: Who is your favourite designer? (Tanisha W)

A: Hi Tanisha,

I'm a huge supporter of designers that have done inclusive sizing, or made collections dedicated to my curvy girls out there. Rachel Roy has always been someone who I've admired, I find her styles are sophisticated and wearable. I also adore Christian Siriano. 

Q3: Are you dating anyone? (Rahim M)

A3: No, Im not. If you know any cool guys, let me know. 


Q4: I love you and your blog, and I think we have similar body shapes. Sometimes I want to order things but online shopping is hard when you don't know what size to order. I also hate returning things. What size do you wear in clothes? (Lisa A)

A4: Hi Lisa,

I love you too! Sizing for me changes according to different brands, materials, and the items I'm wearing. I will do my best to include the sizes I'm wearing for future blog posts. Generally speaking, I wear a size 16. I look at the sizing chart provided by most retailers online before I order anything, and If the size doesn't work, I do exchange it within stores (so don't be afraid to do that either)


Q5: I watch your instagram videos and you get so much free things. Have you hated something someone has sent to you? (Aaliyah Y)

A5: Hi Aaliyah,

As a blogger, I do sometimes get products to test, or review for my blog. I have gotten a few things that I have absolutely hated. A couple of them have caused me to break out in rash, or just don't do the things they claim to do. That being said, I will never work with a brand or with products that I don't personally like. I want to remain very honest, and genuine with my readers.