Ask the Prep Gal Friday

Hi Prepsters,

Another Friday is upon us, and it has been two weeks since I did this segment on my blog (something that you guys definitely noticed). To make up for the fact that I was MIA for a week, I will answer ten questions that were emailed, or sent to my DM's. Remember, if you have any burning questions that you would like to ask, feel free to reach out to me!


Q1: Hi Sara, will you be starting a makeup channel or doing youtube videos? (Michelle W)

A1: Hi Michelle,

I do eventually intend to start a youtube channel, and focus on fashion and makeup on it. It will take a little bit of time before I can do that. I feel like I need to build a solid following on my social media platforms before I can expand into another platform. Also, making videos requires a lot of time for editing, which is something I don't have a lot of. So short answer, yes eventually, but not right away.

Q2: Hi Prep Gal what are your least favourite trends? (Awambi Otendondo)

Q2: Hi Awambi,

Some of my least favourite fashion trends ever have been velour tracksuits, seriously, they are not appropriate to wear for any reason. Obnoxious uses of logos, flame prints, and super low rise pants round off my list of the worst trends I've ever seen, and would never attempt. 

Q3: Will you be visiting any countries soon? (Atif I)

A3: Hi Atif,

I do intend to travel in the next year or so. I was planning on heading to Jamaica in December, and then to Italy and Greece in June. Of course you guys will be the first to know if I do go anywhere.

Q4: What is your opinion on Donald Trump? (Jeanette D)

A4: Hello Jeanette,

I try to keep my political views to a minimum because this blog's focus is on inclusivity, fashion, beauty, and positivity. That being said, before I was a fashion blogger, I did political blogging for many years. So in regards with Donald Trump, I don't like the guy. I think he is the least qualified to have ever taken office in the United States. I disagree with his views on women, and the fact that he objectifies them. I was in disbelief when he made fun of a reporter with a disability.  I was saddened when he took office, and I hope that if there is one thing he has done, is that he has made the country more aware of the importance of being involved in politics. 

Q5: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into plus size modelling, or become a plus size instagrammer? (Olivia G)

A5: Hi Olivia,

I think the first, and biggest step in becoming an instagrammer is starting a page. Having a vision, and consistently posting also help draw in engagement from viewers, and that will eventually lead to gaining followers. For modelling, I recommend creating a portfolio with a professional photographer, and submitting them to agencies. It is very difficult to be discovered on the streets, and sometimes you need to take the initiative to be noticed.

Q6: Do you workout? Do you think your Instagram pictures normalize being overweight? (G.T)

A6: Hi G (Or GT),

So I was waiting for a troll to message me on this page for a while. My blog (If you had ever read it) encourages my readers to be confident and think in a healthier way about their bodies. Mental health is an important factor when thinking about overall health, and being rude to people won't help them.  I also think that many internet trolls believe that only thin, and underweight women deserve to show off their bodies and be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy, dress the way they want, and workout when they want without having to feel like they have to answer to anyone else. Unless you are a medical professional that I have personally hired, I will not consider your opinion on my health or the health of my followers

Q7: Do you like Tess Holiday? (Nicole S)

A7: HI,

I've never met Tess Holiday, but I really do like her.

Q8: What is your favourite lipstick brand and colour? (Anum F)

A8: Hi Anum,

My current favourite lipstick brand is Bite Cosmetics. They are a fab Canadian company, that focuses on high quality formulas, and most of their lipsticks smell like the little coke candies I used to eat growing up. My favourite colour is Biscotti in the multi-stick, its the perfect mauve tone, and also looks great on the cheeks or eyelids. 

Q9: What do you think about when you see plus size companies that use smaller plus sized models, or non plus sized models? (Shadia M)

A9: Hi Shadia,

The body positivity movement has gotten so far in the past few years. We've seen plus size women walking down the runways of some of the biggest fashion weeks around the world. Even with all the progress being made, it upsets me when I don't see body diversity, especially by plus size companies. I think we should hold them to a higher standard, and ask them why they won't show models of all sizes that they cater to representing the clothes. 

Q10: Will you ever wear a bikini or lingerie on your pictures? 

A10: No,

Even though there is nothing wrong with wearing any of those things.

Sara Sohail