Checking out Planet Fitness Gerrard Square

Hi Prepsters,

My brother and I were lucky enough to check out the brand new Planet Fitness that opened in Gerrard Square, Toronto, and also get a tour of the place from the Winner of season 14’s Biggest Loser, Danni Allen. (Who by the way, is the sweetest human being ever)

When you come into Planet Fitness you are in a Judgment Free Zone. That means that when you’re inside the gym you will feel accepted, and like you belong. The moment I had walked in, I noticed a shift in the atmosphere. Unlike most gyms I’ve ever been to, it was quiet inside; no one was throwing weights onto the floor, or making loud obnoxious noises while working out. Everyone was friendly, kind, and happy to be there. The Judgment Free Zone is a brilliant concept that hopefully we can apply to our daily lives, even when we’re not at the gym.


The Planet Fitness at Gerrard Square is a 24/7 location, meaning that you can drop by whenever you get a chance. For someone like me who juggles school, blogging, and work; scheduling a workout in can be difficult when the only free time I get is very early in the morning, or extremely late at night.

I love that it is also located in a centralized location that is accessible to everyone in the Leslieville and Beaches area of Toronto, also there is ample free parking in this plaza incase you wanted to drive down.


The gym is furnished with brand new machines throughout. The machines also have diagrams on them to assist you in keeping the proper form. If you’re still unsure of how to use them, the machines also have barcodes that you can scan using their app to watch videos on how to complete the workout. (Or you could always ask the lovely Amanda for assistance)



There are an abundance of cardio machines ranging from stairmasters, ellipticals, and treadmills and since there are literally dozens of cardio machines, you don’t have to wait for one, or get off for anyone else.  The machines face TVs that are connected to specific channels; all you need to do is bring headphones, and workout on the machines facing the show you would like to watch.


There are many classes that run throughout the day which are also included in the membership. The best part is that they have a maximum of five people that can take them at a time, allowing for a lot of attention from the trainer.



What I personally was amazed by, and almost found it hard to believe, was how little the memberships cost. The basic membership to use the one location, along with the classes is $10 a month. (I am currently paying seven times more than that for the gym I’m currently using) The upgraded Black Card membership gives you access to use of all the 1300 locations, as well as the Black Card Spa area which offers: unlimited use of the massage chairs, access to tanning machines, unlimited hydro massages, and unlimited use of the Body Enhancement machine.



I’m so excited that Planet Fitness has decided to come to Canada. I think the current options that we had prior to this have been either extremely expensive, or inaccessible for people that want to start getting into fitness but are nervous about starting.


This post is sponsored by Taymax Planet Fitness. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.